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IGSF World Championship 2011

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IGSF World Championship 2011
International Girya Sport Federation was helding World Championship and open international tournament of Greece on girya sport 12-17 of October in Athens (Greece).

There competed more than 120 participants from 13 countries: Greece, Ukraine, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Italy, Ireland, Belarus, Kazakhstan, France, USA, Germany.

Ukraine won team competition and relay race too. Nice result showed by Srgiy Sylka (100 jerks and 130 snatches, bodyweight 65 kg) form Ukraine and Georgiadis Pylos (125 jerks and 163 snatches, bodyweight over 90 kg.) from Greece.

IGSG conference was held during this championship. They elected a new president. Yury Scherbina will be president again.

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