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Kettlebell lifting news

Competition in Denmark

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Kettlebell competition in Denmark17 lifters from the whole of Denmark and one German made the effort to turn up and challenged themselves at a sport they never really  tried before, for most of them.
Arhus Kettlebell Long Cycle was arranged by Thierry Sanchez on Saturday 19 March 2011. There were 2 disciplines none of which were traditional GS. (rules explanation at the bottom
Rules were made to be as accessible as possible to any kettlebell enthusiast. No weight classes and coefficients for the bell weight.
People lifting the heavier bells were in that way rewarded, but anyone was free to use the size they wanted, more or less.
The local TV showed up, and in all about 40 people were watching and cheering.
Everybody who tried the 5 minute event lasted the full set, except one woman who lost the bell with only 30 seconds to go.
10 guys gave the 32kg kettlebell a go with the 3 minute Barbarian sprint event, but only Sif Skov Hansen (Who went to IGSF in Milano 2010) participated in the sprint.
One guy turned up to try kettlebells for the first time in his life, and he did both disciplines.
In Denmark hardly anyone knows or train GS, but this event was really succesful! Only the day before  was kettlebell sport demonstrated on national TV for the first time ever in Denmark, with a 2 minute sprint and some power juggling.
The 5 minute Long cycle consist of a clean followed by a jerk. However, any kind of press or push press is allowed. Bells must not be placed on the floor but resting in a hang position  is also allowed. Resting on the shoulders is not allowed.
Proper lockout (knees and elbows straight, body at a standstill) must be demonstrated for the rep to be valid.
3 failed reps in a row terminate the set. Placing the bell(s) on the floor terminates the set.
Women are allowed 1 change of hand during the 5 minutes. The free hand may not assist in any way.
Guys can choose 2x16,2x20 or 2x24kg. Women can choose 8, 12 or 16kg.
Coefficient are used to reward people lifting with heavier bells.
The Barbarian Clean and freestyle press is a one arm/ one kettlebell sprint  with limited rules.
You are allowed to change hands as many times as possible, and even set the bell on the floor.
You just have to lock the kettlebell overhead in anyway you want and bring it back down again between your legs.  Snatch is not allowed. That's about it.
3 minutes with 32kg for men and 20kg for women.
Winner is calculated as follow: Kettlebell weight x coefficient x reps / bodyweight

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First EGSA competition in Croatia

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Pisarovina 2011 - kettlebell LC competition

8.1.2011, Pisarovina Croatia

Kettlebell Team Giryatrija decided to organize a LongCycle competition early in 2011. Since there is a new association, called European Girevoy Sport Association and was designed for amateur athletes, that wants to improve and compete as many times as possible under same association and not think themselves as professionals.

First of all, I have to congratulate the whole Giryatrija Team athletes for putting up a great scene. I did not participate in preparations, because I leave in Slovenia, and I felt sorry about it a little bit, but on the other hand, it was the first time, that everything was waiting for me. And I was amazed by the way everything was prepared.

Platforms with sponsors in the back, a lot of space for warming up, lots of chalk, radio, speaker, national television, professional photographer, medals for each discipline, trophy for the most perspective lifter, counting boards, clocks.... you name it, it was there.

Nenad Goricki, the president of Giryatrije Kettlebell Team was doing the speaking all the time, judges did their job professionally and everything went through fluently.

First biggest change in EGSA competition is, that there is only one winner per weight of Kettlebell. Winner is decided by coefficient... So, if there are two athletes on same Kettlebel weight and they both do the same number of reps, lighter one wins. I think this way athletes will go all out on every competition, because in other associations there can be 10 or even 15 different weight classes with different weights, and at the end everyone gets home with gold medal.
That way even a lighter lifter stands a chance to win against a heavier one, which I think is fair enough and brings a Girevoy Sport to a higher level.

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Ivan Denisov's Interview

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Ivan Denisov's InterviewToday we'll talk with the strongest kettlebell lifter of our planet, world-class athlete, the champion of Russia and the World - Ivan Denisov. Ivan is absolute record holder in all exercises in kettlebell lifting: 175 reps in jerk (World Championship, Moscow, 2005), snatch 110 (World Championship, Latvia, October 2003) and the most recent record that he brought from Finland just over a week ago - 116 reps in long cycle.

- Good morning, Ivan. We congratulate you with a new world record! Previous record was 7 reps less than your new result. What are your impressions of the results and of the championship in general?

- Impressions are very diverse. It is a pity that we were not able to see and do pictures of Finish cities - we were short in time. And bus trips are not my favorite. However, the conditions of the competition were good for showing high results. The air temperature in the gym, the quality of kettlebells was most favorable for the performance. I am very pleased and happy with my result. I had a very good preparation for this competition. Strong training, good recovery before competition, cool fresh air at the gym, and comfortable form of kettlebells - all these factors contributed to the performance. I went out to the platform with one thought: "I must work." And I was able to do it. I realized that I'll beat the record after about 8 minutes of my set. And I was working very confidently in last minutes. I understood that I succeeded, when the kettlebells were on the platform.

- This year you competed again after a two-year break. How was this time without competing? Was it hard to get back to a platform again?

- A two-year break was only for big events. I have performed on lower level competitions. I have consistently participated in the city competitions of basketball, and various crosses. However, the march on the big stage has been somewhat forgotten. To increase interest and adrenaline I reduced my weight by 8 kg, and was classified for "up to 105 kg" category. I had a heavy workload in the past two years. I have worked out with barbell, ran, and skied. I became much stronger than two years ago.

- Ivan, you're not only a great athlete you are a very good coach, too. Your students - Ksenia Dedyukhina, Denis Gafarov, Artem Gizzatullin - have raised to the higher pedestal competitions of different levels. Ilya Tashlanov moved to Chelyabinsk and now he has not only improved his result, but also become one of the leaders of the Russian national team. How do you manage to combine training and coaching activities, both at such a high level?

- If I was just an athlete and a coach, then I would manage to do everything, and time would remain. But I'm also the chief of the Kettlebell Lifting Federation of Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk region. In fact, it's simple - I like it, and I possess it. I try train together with my students while coaching them. And I have very good students. I try to create favorable conditions for their trainings, and they in turn show all they are capable for.

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IUKL World Championship

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IUKL World Championship 2010 Tampere Finland

Last weekend in Tampere (Finland) was held World Championship of IUKL. There were 10 teams from different countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Croatia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine and England.

The level of competition was very high, many participants showed great results. For example representative of Russia Ivan Denisov set new world record in long cycle. His result is 116 reps! It's really great result!

In team competition won Russian team. Russian team won competition among juniors too.

Relay was very interesting part of competitions for audience. Every participant should jerk kettlebells 3 minutes. Every team have 5 participants. Best result showed Russian team again.

We congratulate all participants with their results and wish you to show best result next time. Thanks for Finnish organizers.

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IGSF World Championship

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IGSF World Championship 2010On November 4th-7th the World Kettlebell Championship was held in Milano Italy, this was hosted by the IGSF (international girevoy sports federation). The main organizator of this championship is Oleh Ilika who is a world class master of sport himself.

The event was attended by 20 countries and had over 150 athletes competing, this was the biggest attendance this championships has had so far. The events where traditional biathlon for men with 32kg and women snatch with 16kg. There was also an open section (Italian open) for men in traditional biathlon with 16kg or 24kg and women with 8kg and 12kg. the event also had categories for juniors (under 23 years) and veterans (over 40 years). and also 1min/2min/3min sprints with jerk and snatch.

Day 1 started with weigh in at the Ramada hotel, all athletes had from 9am-5pm to get weighed in and registered, that evening we all met at the sports arena and there was a formal opening ceremony, this was a very professional event and allot of work had gone into making this a world class competition. Each country had flags and was assigned a person to carry there name of the country out with them as we paraded out into the main floor. There was good sportsmanship throughout the comp with all athletes and countries applauding each country as they where announced.

This was then followed by speeches by Oleh and other representatives, unfortunately everything was either in Italian or Russian and so it did leave those speaking English a little lost, but this was to be expected. However it was a problem when it came to getting information on when events and times athletes would be on, and also we where unsure of exactly how the scoring was calculate, and how exactly the groups where divided. I would certainly suggest that next year they have a printed timetable with events and times on it to give athletes an approximate time and day of when they will competing, due to inability to get information by English speaking representatives there was allot of confusion on what events will be held on what day and this seemed to change constantly, this left countries like Ireland, Slovenia, Croatia, USA, Denmark who's only medium to communicate was in English at a complete loss of what is going on. However this was only a very small detail and the very professional well set up venue is something that i hope IGSF is very proud off, Oleh was an incredible host who was very welcoming and went out of his way to help athletes whether it be in registering or behind the scenes with actual kettlebell lifting, he was and is a very good example of a true master of his sport!!! His energy must be limitless for the amount of work he had to do, and by the end of the event the only sign of this on him was his inability to talk as he lost his voice from the constant talking over the last few days.

The 2nd day started with men's traditional biathlon and it was jerk with 32kg first. starting with the lighter males moving up until the heavier men at 90kg+
This event saw many great athletes, with some big numbers being put on the board. Paulos Georgiadis did 131 jerks which was the top score for 32kg jerk and 165 snatches. There where many levels of athletes from WCMS competing to new athletes competing for the first time, Eddie Sheehan from kilkenny kettlebell club was a new athlete to a world championships and the first male from Ireland to ever compete in world championships with 32kg, he did well with a personal best of 65 jerks and 111 snatches, he was only 4 reps from his MS in IGSF rankings. Mark Stapleton also from kilkenny kettlebell club, Ireland and the only other male from Ireland to have ever competed at a 32kg level (Berlin open 2010) competed at the 24kg category and did a personal best with 102 jerks and 107 snatches and attained his CMS level with IGSF rankings. At the moment Mark and Eddie are the only two athletes from Ireland that have and can compete at this level.

There was some big numbers thrown out by the women in the 16kg snatch event like Ivana Britvec head coach of the Croatian team (giryatrija-kettlebell team Zagreb) who did a personal best of 204 snatches. There where many famous coaches that attended this event like Pantelei Filikidi who also competed in the veterans event and did 123 jerks and 211 snatchs with 24kg, and Gregor Sobocan who recently did him MS numbers under WKC, he had many athletes from Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland. and who has started up a new EUROPEAN GIREVOY SPORTS ASSCOIATION and this was the first professional championships that his new association and athletes got to show what they can do.

Day 3 had events like the open biathlon for men and snatch for women where held, also veterans event in biathlon, this was followed by medal and award ceremony.

The National Standings for the World Championship are:

Individuals can be found soon online through the IGSF website.

Thanks to Mark Stapleton for the info (Kilkenny, Ireland,

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IUKL will have own rank table

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IUKL has developed system of sports ranks and classes. It has passed preliminary discussion at meeting of members of IUKL in Shauljaj, Lithuania and has been added with all arrived offers.

We ask all to familiarize with the given system and to make the offers if they are.

The system will be entered and will start to operate at all official competitions of IUKL from September, 30th, 2010.

Download rank table

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Regulation of IUKL World Championship

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International Union of Kettlebell Lifting is finally concerted and ratified the terms and place of realization of competitions:

1. World Championship among adults on kettlebell lifting in 2010 (on November, 11 – 14th, 2010, Tampere, Finland).
2. World Championship among juniors on kettlebell lifting in 2010 (on November, 11 – 14th, 2010, Tampere, Finland).
3. World Championship among seniors on kettlebell lifting in 2010 (on November, 13 – 15th, 2010, Tampere, Finland).

Regulations about realization of competition you can see in our regulations section.

infofmation from secretary general of IUKL Vasily Ginko

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Junior European Champoinship & "Ventspils Atlants"

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Ventspils 2010Last weekend in Ventspils (Latvia) was held European Championship among juniors till 18 years old. Athlets of weight classes 53 and 58 kg used kettlebells 16 kilograms, athletes of other weight classes used ketllebells 24 kilograms. Girls competed in snatch with 16 kg kettlebells.

Were two days of competition. First day – biathlon competitions and snatch (for girls) competitions. Second day – long cycle competitions and relay in jerk.

In European championship were participants from 5 countries: Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania.

The Russian team won totally.

In same time there was held  traditional international tournament “Ventspils Atlants”. It were competitions in biathlon and in power juggling. Participants used kettlebells 16, 24 and 32 kg. There were athletes from 9 countries.

Protocols of competitions will be able on our site in a week (in protocol section).

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Irish kettlebell sports championships 2010

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Irish kettlebell sports championships 2010 The first ever kettlebell sports competition in Ireland was held in Kilkenny city on the 24th  July. This was hosted by Kilkenny kettlebell club, run by head coaches Mark Stapleton and Eddie Sheehan. The event was the traditional biathlon jerk and snatch, and to end of the day a strongman(32kg-36kg-40kg-44kg-48kg-56kg), strongwoman(20kg-24kg) this  event was more for the public to try promote the sport and for everyone to have some fun at the end of a long day.

Ireland is still very new to kettlebell sports and because of this the competition was set up to try accommodate beginner level lifters, men used weights from 12kg-28kg and women from 8kg-16kg.

Competing was new for most athletes, the only ones who had competed before where athletes from Kilkenny kettlebell club and hells kettlebells, so we did our best to explain the rules to all athletes and  we tried to make the judging fair.

There were 44 athletes on the day, and many spectators. People came from all over Ireland and we had a group travel over from walse, UK.  (Hells kettlebells).

The quality of lifting varied but most athletes completed the full 10min jerks and snatches. Many big numbers where put up but it should be remembered that most males where using 16-20kg’s and so still more work needs to be done in Ireland to raise the level of Giverk sport. Mark Stapleton and Eddie Sheehan where the only athletes to use the 28kg and as head coaches of Kilkenny kettlebell club, have tried to set a standard from which other clubs and coaches can work towards. Mark and Eddie will be competing in Berlin in September, Wales in October and then in Italy in November with 32kg’s.

The sport side of kettlebells is sure to grow rapidly now, every gym in Ireland has sets of kettlebells , but most people only do kettlebell workouts and many have never even heard of the sport, Ireland up until now has only had a representative not an athlete attending some events held by the (IKUL) but nobody who competes and nobody who has actually trained up athletes correctly for GS. And nobody has promoted kettlebell sports in Ireland. This is no more, Ireland can be proud to say that on the 24th July the best of Ireland lifters got together and this is the start of kettlebell sports in our country.

Due to the lack of qualified coaches in Ireland, it may be sometime still before we see many Irish athletes on the international scene. But for now Eddie Sheehan and Mark Stapleton will be setting up a team to start competing at international events.  We may not hit the big numbers yet and at the moment Mark and Eddie are the only athletes that can compete with the heavier weights (28kg and 32kg), But due to the great coaching abilities of their coach Gregor Sobocan from Slovenian kettlebell club, Mark and Eddie have progressed quickly and so have their athletes, which could be seen at the competition with over half the competitors coming from Kilkenny kettlebell club which is the biggest kettlebell sports club in Ireland.

We hope that the kettlebell community supports us and our athletes, we have a huge hunger for the sport, and we have the desire and the heart.

If anyone would like more information on the Irish kettlebell team please contact us via  website

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Russian Championship 2010

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Russian ChampionshipJune 1-4 In Belgorod (Russia) was held final of Russian Championship of girevoy sport. Ivan Denisov returned to the sport and won both disciplines: long cycle and biathlone.

This competition was in Belgorod Technological University. It was like 3 days holyday. There were more then 100 participants from 37 regions of Russia.

You can see any photos from this Championship on Russian kettlebell site: photos from russian kettlebell championship

The next Russian competition will be in September. It will be Cup of Russia.

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IUKL European Championship

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IUKL European Championship 2010In Siauliai city (Lithuania) 14-15 May, were held IUKL European Championship and Junior European Championship. May 16 the kettlebell lifting was presented in the International Sport Games "SAULES MIESTAS".

In European Championship competition among professionals were athletes from 8 countries - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia (total was 15 countries).

On the first day were competitions in biathlon (jerk and snatch), the second day - a long cycle competition.

Russian team won the team competition. Congratulations to all champions and winners!

The great result showed Russian athlete in w.c. 63 kg Jonny Benidze. He did jerk 130 reps and snatch 204 reps! With 32 kg kettlebells, of course.

May 16 at the Conference of European Sports Committee was officially announced about including kettlebell sport in the official competitive program of the European Sports Games which will be held in Siauliai in 2011, as well as in V World Games TAFISA "Sport For All", 2012.

You can see results here

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IGSF competition among youth

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Youth kettlebell compIn Urssu city (Russia, Tatarstan) on May 1-2 was held international competition among youths (1992-1994 years of birth). In this competition were participated more then 100 boys and girls from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Uzbekistan. There were 7 weight categories for boys and 3 - for girls.

First day was only jerk competition (for boys), on second day - snatch comp (boys and girls). Boys used 24 kg kettlebells, girls used 16 kg.

Ukrainian team won the team competition among boys, Belarusian team won the team competition among girls.

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Semi-finals of Russian Championship Were Held

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Semi-finals of Russian ChampionshipIn Russia on April 19-24 were held two semi-finals of national championship. One of them was in Novocheboksarsk (European part of Russia). Second was in Omsk (Asian part of Russia).

Based on these competitions results will be selected 16 athletes in each weight category for participation in final of Russian Champ.

The final of Russian kettlebell Championship will be in Belgorod on June 1-6.

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