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Maya Garcia

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Maya GarchiaMayachela (Maya) Garcia is an accomplished kettlebell sport athlete and also the co-founder of Ice Chamber, a successful athletic training company in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She is a Master of Sport in the Long Cycle and a Candidate for Master of Sport in the Biathlon, a 9x Gold medalist, and is the 1st American to win an Overall Best Lifter award in the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL).

Maya is a member of the Ice Chamber Kettlebell Girls: the first all female Kettlebell Sport team in the world, the first group of women to compete with the 20-24kg kettlebell under the WKC rank system, and the only team in the U.S.A. to be 100% comprised of Masters of Sport.

Maya is one of the best 55kg Kettlebell Lifters in the U.S.A., consistently placing first at national and international events including Ventspils Atlants, World Kettlebell Lifting Championships, and World Long Cycle Championships.  In addition to competing, Maya is a master coach, presenter, and author of Kettlebell Lifting.  She has taught Kettlebell Lifting to prestigious organizations and Fortune 500 Companies such as Google and The GAP.  Maya has been coached by World Champions Valery Fedorenko, Fedor Fuglev, and Ivan Denisov.

Maya with Fuglev

Maya with Fyodor Fuglev iv Vantspils

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