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Valery Fedorenko

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Valery FedorenkoValery Fedorenko, the USSR Master of Sports, MSWC, HMS emigrated the USA in order to develop kettlebell lifting and make popular this kind of sport. Now Valery is the leading coach of American Kettlebell Club, as well as he is the leading consultant and founder of the World Kettlebell Club.

Valery is the Champion of the first World Championship in 1993 in Lipetsk, he has won in three nominations: he became the first world champion in weight category up to 80 kg, shown his best result among participants up to 20 years old and became an absolute champion according to M. Starodubtsev table (table of ratio result coefficient to a proper body). Personal kettlebell records of Valery Fedorenko are the following: 32 kg, jerk - 132, snatch - 110+110, long cycle jerk - 84. His body weight is 75 kg.

Valery Fedorenko arrived to the USA from Kyrgyzstan in 1999 to develop kettlebell lifting and make popular this kind of sport just then he brought the kettlebell with him. It was so hard in the first years, we had to work at project sites as well as in restaurants. The first exhibition performances took place in July, 2000 in New York, Brighton Beach.

During 2001-2002 years at the Pancake Day on the Brighton Beach Valery lifted 16 kg kettlebell 2001 and 2002 times in honor of 2001 and 2002 years for kettlebell demonstration. Since 2006 the American kettlebell club began annually take part in the Arnold Classic Festival.

In 2006 at the Festival exhibition performances Valery lifted up the kettlebell 2006 times (symbolizing 2006 year) in order not to break a tradition. Now Valery Fedorenko is engaged with the coaching activity, as well as takes part in various exhibition performances to which he also has to be prepared seriously. For example, Valery lifted 60 kg kettlebell. In 2006 Valery has lifted 60 kg kettlebell 20 times (with one hands change) right after him Andrew Durniat has lifted kettlebell 32 times. Then in 2007 Ivan Denisov came to Las Vegas, he lifted 60 kg kettlebell 52 times. After that Valery was preparing to beat this result.

And in 2008 at one of the exhibition performances he jerked kettlebell 53 times. In 2009 at the World Kettlebell Club Championship he jerked 55 times.
In 2010 at the Arnold Classic Festival he jerked 60 reps (total time is 9 minutes and 30 seconds with the only one hands change)!

Valery Fedorenko

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