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Johnny Benidze

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Johnny Benidze

Johnny Benidze - russian athlet, MSWC, born in 1990. He is one of the strongest kettlebell lifters of Russia. He owns records in classic jerk, snatch and biathlon combination in weight class up to 60 kilograms.

Johnny started doing kettlebell sport in his native town in Vytegra, Vologda region. The first Johnny's coach was V. Ogarev.

Johnny Benidze showed at once great potential to be involved in kettlebell sport and went in the national team of Vologda region. At the age of 16 Johnny performed the Master of Sport rank, at the age of 17 - master of sport world class. In 2008 he became an absolute leader in weight class up to 60 kilograms.

In 2008 Johnny Benidze moved to Saint-Petersburg and entered to the Military Institute of Physical Training. And his coach became Kirillov Sergey.

Johnny Benidze set at once three new records of Russia at the Cup of Russia 2009. His record result in weight class was: jerk is 110 reps, snatch is 164, and biathlon total is 192.

Johnny Benidze

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