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Gregor Sobocan

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Gregor SobocanGregor Sobocan. Born October, 28 1981 in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

From 1997 to 2006 he was professional handball player, played for Slovan Ljubljana.

He retired in 2007 due to a new sport which he loved more, Girevoy Sport.

He first started lifting kettlebells in 2004, but it was totally wrong. He was doing only heavy lifts for 5 reps until he met Valery Fedorenko, who was his first coach.

Now Gregor's Coach is Eric Liford, who took all his knowledge from one of the legends of GS, Valery Fedorenko.

So, He has been training Kettlebell Sport for last 18 months now (since August 2008).

His best numbers are:

Gregor Sobocan - kettlebell lifter from SloveniaJerk 2x32kg 82 reps
Snatch 1x32kg 131 reps
LongCycle 2x32kg 57 reps

Jerk 2x24kg 154 reps
Snatch 1x24kg 203 reps
LongCycle 2x24kg 94 reps

Best results of his best athletes:

Mateja Legan (64kg)

Jerk 1x24kg 40/40
Jerk 1x20kg 65/65
Jerk 1x16kg 75/75

Snatch 1x20kg 55/55
Snatch 1x16kg 100/107
Snatch 1x12kg 124/135

LongCycle 1x20kg 131 reps

Ales Meznarsic (75kg)

Jerk 2x24kg 104 reps
Snatch 1x24kg 154 reps
LongCycle 2x24kg 67 reps

So, those are his scores and best scores.

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