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International competition in Croatia

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International competition in CroatiaName of competition :  ''Biathlon competition - Bjelovar open 2011''
Date:  01. 10. 2011.
Place: Bjelovar, CROATIA

Organizer: Kettlebell team ''Bjelovar'' under the EGSA organization

Number of competitors:  59 (21 girls + 38 guys)

Number of teams: 11 (kettlebell team Bjelovar, giryatrija Zagreb, kettlebell team Sparta, giryatrija remiza, sd kettlebells, girevix, PKC, Bulgaria team, GS Serbia, DSGV eV., Killkenny Kettlebell club)

Number of countries: 7  (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Ireland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Germany)

Competition was helad on 5 platforms in biathlon. First was jerk and after that, snatch.


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