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New Records of Russian Championship

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Russian championship 2011This week final of Russian championship was held in Tumen’. There are over 150 participants from 34 regions. There are many new great records.

A few results from this champ:
-    Sergey Merkulin – long cycle – 75 reps (w.c. 73 kg)
-    Jonny Benidze – jerk – 137 reps (w.c. 63 kg)
-    Ilya Tashlanov – jerk – 138 reps (w.c. 73 kg)
-    Olga Eryomenko – snatch – 158 reps (w.c. 58 kg)
-    Anastasiya Zolotaryova – snatch – 163 reps (w.c. +68kg)

Now all champions will be members of Russian national team on the next IUKL world championship in New York.

Many Russian athletes will compete on European cup (in Chelyabinsk, June 25). Not only members of national team can compete there. There will be near 100 Russian competitors. Welcome and you!

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