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You are here First EGSA competition in Croatia

First EGSA competition in Croatia

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Pisarovina 2011 - kettlebell LC competition

8.1.2011, Pisarovina Croatia

Kettlebell Team Giryatrija decided to organize a LongCycle competition early in 2011. Since there is a new association, called European Girevoy Sport Association and was designed for amateur athletes, that wants to improve and compete as many times as possible under same association and not think themselves as professionals.

First of all, I have to congratulate the whole Giryatrija Team athletes for putting up a great scene. I did not participate in preparations, because I leave in Slovenia, and I felt sorry about it a little bit, but on the other hand, it was the first time, that everything was waiting for me. And I was amazed by the way everything was prepared.

Platforms with sponsors in the back, a lot of space for warming up, lots of chalk, radio, speaker, national television, professional photographer, medals for each discipline, trophy for the most perspective lifter, counting boards, clocks.... you name it, it was there.

Nenad Goricki, the president of Giryatrije Kettlebell Team was doing the speaking all the time, judges did their job professionally and everything went through fluently.

First biggest change in EGSA competition is, that there is only one winner per weight of Kettlebell. Winner is decided by coefficient... So, if there are two athletes on same Kettlebel weight and they both do the same number of reps, lighter one wins. I think this way athletes will go all out on every competition, because in other associations there can be 10 or even 15 different weight classes with different weights, and at the end everyone gets home with gold medal.
That way even a lighter lifter stands a chance to win against a heavier one, which I think is fair enough and brings a Girevoy Sport to a higher level.

There was lots of athletes from many countries. Katarina Helcmanovska from UK, Bar Shilling from Germany, Oleg Ilika and his athletes from Italy, Gregor Sobocan and his athletes from Slovenia and Ivana Brtivec and her athletes from Croatia. There were two teams from Croatia, one from Zagreb and one from Bjelovar.

The major discipline was LongCycle and girls came on platforms first.

I will just mention the ones, who got their highest Ranks.

Tajda Sobocan needed 88 reps with 20kg, and she did 93. That way she well deserved her CMS (Candidate for Master of Sports) Rank.

Ivana Britvec used 24kg Kettlebell and by EGSA rules she needed 90 reps for her Master of Sport title. SHe did it, even though she did all the weight ins, counting, judging, preparing...

Katarina Helcmanovska missed WCMS Rank for only one C&J, but with 115 reps she impressed everybody and announced a great year for her. She can do WCMS in LongCycle and Master of Sports in Biathlon in 2011.
In EGSA we have decided to put a Rank in between Master of Sports and World Class Master of Sport, because that way we have filled the gap. So, Katarina is the first Candidate for World Class Master of Sports!

I have to mention the biggest star at that competition again, Oleh Ilika came with 6 athletes from Italy and really brought the competition to a higher level.

Of course he won in LongCycle and Snatch sprint, but it was obvious that noone can come close to him... at least not yet.

At the end, it was a great Saturday day, with lots of tons lifted, lots of energy wasted, lots of hands torn and lots of sweat spilled. But, at the end of the day, it was worth every second of it!

The story of EGSA competition continues in Ireland!

Thanks to Gregor Sobocan for the info.

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