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World kettlebell Championship 2021 in Budapest

On October 21-24, in Budapest (Hungary), the world championship in kettlebell lifting was held together with the youth championship under 22 years old.

More than 400 athletes from 32 countries came to the championship. In some countries, there are still restrictions on training and travel abroad, athletes could not come to the championship.

Let's note the main record results. The "absolute" new records were set: in the biathlon - Ivan Markov achieved the result of 179 + 227 = 292.5 points; Irina Martynova lifted 84 reps in the long cycle. Movsar Suleymanov showed a very strong jerk - 166 reps in the bodyweight category up to 73 kg. In the long cycle, Alexei Ryabkov won with a record of 83 reps (bodyweight up to 68 kg!). Also note the jerk result of Nikita Drutsa from Kazakhstan in bodyweigh class 78 kg - 154 reps.

Congratulations to our athletes!

Next year the World Championship will be held in St. Petersburg.

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