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You are here World Kettlebell Championship -2020 in Saint-Petersburg

World Kettlebell Championship -2020 in Saint-Petersburg

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World kettlebell Championship 2020 in Saint Petersburg

World Kettlebell Championship 2020 was held in Russian Saint-Petersburg. It was not easy to travel around the World for athletes from many countries. They had only 12 countries represented there. But all athletes who came to compete had really good resultd. A few world records were achieved in Saint Petersburg. 

The most impressive result was achieved by Irina Martynova. She has 80 repetitions in long cycle in professional class with kettlebells 24 kg.

IUKL is already planning competitions schedule for the next year. The World Championship should be in Budapest (November); Asian Champ - in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (April); European Champ - in Kazan, Russia (May). 

Have a good training and competing!!

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