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You are here World Championship 2020 in Serbia

World Championship 2020 in Serbia

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World Championship 2020 in Serbia

IUKL World kettlebell championship 2019 was held in Novi Sad (Serbia). Professional athletes, juniors, amateurs and veterans competed during 5 days. More than 500 partisipants from 33 countries. It was first time of such big kettlebell event in Serbia and it was really beautyful.

Lot of really great results were achieved during this championship. Lot of ladies were competing this time and more professional athletes than last time. One of greatest result was competing of very young athlete from Kazakhstan Nikita Drutsa. He won biathlon of 78 kg bodyweight class with result 148 jerks and 159 snatches. He is only 16 years old.

Russian team won team competition. Second place - Ukraine, third place - Kazakhstan.

World Championship 2020 will be hosted in the capital of Hungary - Budapest.

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