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SportAccord convention 2019

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SportAccord convention 2019. Gold Coast, Australia

International Union of kettlebell Lifting (IUKL) took part of the biggest multisport event – SportAccord convention 2019 in Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia). During convention they had many different forums, meetings and exhibition. IUKL delegation consist of Valentin Egorov (Russia), Rhonda Glick (USA), Cheryl Schneider (Australia) and Shannon Pigdon (Australia). 

It was really nice representing of kettlebell sport for a lot of important people and organizations. 8t secretary general of the United Nations Mr Ban Ki-Moon was on IUKL stand, asked some questions about kettlebells, competition rules and tried to lift kettlebells.

IUKL has membership certificate till October 2019. GAISF should decide about awarding IUKL by the next certificate in November.

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