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Slovenian Kettlebell ClubSlovenian Kettlebell Club has been existing for 2 years now. Gregor Sobocan is the head coach, and they have men and women teams.

Men's captain is Ales Meznarsic and women's captain is Mateja Legan.

This year Slovenian team is going to the world championship in Chicago and Gregor will go to the IUKL World Championship in Norway.

There are two main teams.

Men team:

Captain: Ales Meznarsic
- Martin Hitejc
- Boris Valentic
- Ziga Urh
- Matej Hocevar
- Blaz Lenic
- Brane Bozic
- Rok Rotar
- Dominik Zupancic
- Kristijan Pavlin

Women team:

Captain: Mateja Legan
- Andreja Ravnik
- Tajda Sobocan
- Lijana Sobocan
- Ne?a Knez
- Katja Femec
- Tadeja Drolc
- Tina June
- Tanja Sames

The goal is for all of them to achieve CMS Rank and maybe MS Rank. They will try to do this in Chicago, World Championship under World Kettlebell Club organization.

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