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Finnish kettlebell association

Kettlebell bio and a slice of Finnish Girevoy Sport history

- Marko Suomi started training, got his first 17kg from a web store, learned the exercises from Pavel's Russian Kettlebell Challenge book
- heard about Girevoy Sport, and learned that the americans were going to compete in the World Championships in Moscow

- Marko Suomi started training Girevoy Sport, tried to learn from some videos from the internet and asking a lot of questions from Lorraine Patten and Andrey Kuzmin
- at this time, there was no GS competitions, no GS coaches and generally no GS knowledge in Finland
- He took part in the World Championships in November, in Ogre Latvia, was the first Finn to compete in a big GS meet abroad

- Marko got together with some other Finnish lifters that he met trough a forum, decided to form an association to arrange GS competitions -> Finnish Kettlebell Association was born (
- They arranged 3 events that first year
- He took part in 5 competions, 4 in Finland and one in Ventspils, Latvia
- in Ventspils, they had a first Finnish team, 3 lifters
- also, one lifter participated in the European Championships in St Petersburg, as a first Finn there
- Marko joined the IUKL as a private member, representing Finland.

- He took part in 8 competitions, 6 in Finland and 2 abroad
- They had a team of 6 in Baltic Championships and a team of 12 in Ventspils Atlants
- this year the association joined IUKL as the Finnish representative
- also, they joined the Finnish Weightlifting Federation, and it became the governing body of GS in Finland

2009 - Marko Suomi took part in 5 competitions, 3 in Finland, 2 abroad - 2 other
kettlebell associations were established, they also joined the Weightlifting
Federation - Their association arranged the first official Finnish Championships
in biathlon - They had a team in Ventspils Atlants and the World Championships
in Tallinn.

Here are a few names of best athlets of Finnish team:

The top women:
Kukka Laakso
Maarit Kangas
Kaisa-Liisa Kaikkonen
Anu Oksanen
Terhi Vierela
Jaana Madetoja

The top men:
Simo Kurvinen
Ville Oikarinen
Kari Aijala
Johnny Haddas
Harri Lilja
Ari Kaikkonen

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