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Kettlebell lifting in AustraliaGirevoy Sport is gradually gaining momentum in Australia. We face many challenges, not the least of those bringing people together over large travel distances for competitions. Only in recent times have dedicated kettlebell weightlifting gyms been set up for training and competitions. However as general awareness about kettlebells increases, so too are people enquiring about girevoy sport and we are welcoming new members with each contest.

The road to sports mastery follows that of the traditional artisan. First an apprenticeship under the tutelage of local gireviks, then travel to other cities and countries and with sufficient experience the achievement of mastery. Australian GS already has its journeymen and women - people who are making the sacrifice for training and in particular travelling overseas to gain experience and make contact with other gireviks. This brings positive rewards in both personal inspiration and inspiration a for other budding gireviks to make the necessary efforts.

To date Australia has had four international gireviks: Paul Tucker (2006 & 2008)  Emily Friedel  of Cohesion gym (2009-10) and in 2010, GSAA sent the first official team to America. Jad Marinovic (Kettlebell Athletica gym) and Dave Tabain (Strength to Strength) competed at the AKC classic in Las Vegas, USA.  Jad attained CMS rank (16 kg snatch) and won her division and Dave achieved Level 1 rank, winning the 85 kg category (24 kg classical biathlon).

Paul has achieved CMS numbers in Australian competition (LC 32+32kg) whilst Emily is MS (16kg WKC) and CMS (IUKL 24kg snatch). Dave also achieved CMS level (IUKL) in Australian competition. Jad is an highly capable , strong and tenacious athlete who will achieve MS soon. We have no doubt too that Dave at 21 years of age will also attain MS and be a strong force in our sport for many years to come.
So we are hoping this base of experience and enthusiasm feeds a swarm of hungry Australian gireviks keen to take on the world! We are aware there are many countries we can choose to visit  also we are keen to host a major international competition in Australia in the not too distant future. For this to happen we need some luck and much enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is easy to manufacture  - and we believe, you make your own luck!

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