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Kettlebell sport in Denmark is represented by Thierry Sanchez.

Thierry run kettlebell competition and technique in 2008 and joined the IUKL the same year.
Thierry has been taught by Vasiliy Gin'ko and Valery Fedorenko, and has a Physical trainer education.
In 2009 all Scandinavian countries were represented at the international tournament "Ventspils Atlans".
The Danish team consisted of 2 persons, Karsten Hugger and Thierry Sanchez.
Thierry has participated in 2 other competitions at the end of the year 2009, IGSF in Italy and WKC in Croatia.

Some people started to show interest to sport after exposure some small local events.
Kettlebell is mostly used for fitness since information about Girevoy Sport is not so widespread and requires so much specialization.

Everyone yet speaks about it, thinks about it but do not do it!
A few people told Thierry they would like to compete this year. They lack for dedication and do not know how to train. They ask him for programs. Maybe in Denmark there will be a lot of good athletes soon.

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