Open Euro Cup 2011


Open Euro Cup of Kettlebell lifting 2011Open European Cup of kettlebell lifting was held on June 25 in Chelyabinsk (Russia). The competition had two classes of participants: the class "amateur" - kettlebells 24 kg (and 16 for girls), and "professionals" - 32kg (and 24 for girls). Winners of "absolutely category" among the professionals got extra prizes (total $6000).

Not only european participants competed in Chelyabinsk. There were two representatives of "Ice Chamber" club (USA) - Steven Khuong and Surya Voinar-Fowler.
Russian national team won the team competition.
Winners in the "absolutely categories":
Women (snatch, 24 kg) - Olga Yaremenko (166 reps, bodyweight 58 kg).
Men (32 kg):
Long cycle - Alexey Shishlov (74 reps, bodyweight 78 kg)
Biathlon - Anton Anasenko (jerk 161, snatch 195, bodyweight 85 kg).
10 Russian athletes showed result of MSWC rank. They have to make the dope test (urine sample). 27 samples were taken by RUSADA agency.

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