IUKL World Championship


IUKL World Championship 2010 Tampere Finland

Last weekend in Tampere (Finland) was held World Championship of IUKL. There were 10 teams from different countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Croatia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine and England.

The level of competition was very high, many participants showed great results. For example representative of Russia Ivan Denisov set new world record in long cycle. His result is 116 reps! It's really great result!

In team competition won Russian team. Russian team won competition among juniors too.

Relay was very interesting part of competitions for audience. Every participant should jerk kettlebells 3 minutes. Every team have 5 participants. Best result showed Russian team again.

We congratulate all participants with their results and wish you to show best result next time. Thanks for Finnish organizers.

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